Sweets Game App

Android version of Sweets Game App is also published on 25 April 2017. To install from Google Play Store, please visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digitalgamesapp.sweetsgameapp

Sweets Game App is published on 24 April 2017. In Level 1, there are around 55 Indian sweets & you have to tap or click on correct name to identify sweet image. I have personally taken all Photographs & I have edited them using Open Source software GIMP. I have developed this Game App using GameSalad. To play its Online version, please visit: http://www.digitalgamesapp.com or http://gsrca.de/141925

To watch my developed Video Tutorial on How to develop Game using GameSalad, please visit: www.digitaltutorialsapp.com or www.digitalgamesapp.com or www.gamesaladvideotutorials.com

- GURMEET SINGH DANG (Owner & Founder of GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS, https://gurmeetweb.com)

Video Tutorial: How to develop Game using GameSalad

In this Video Tutorial, we will learn that how to develop cross-platform Game using GameSalad.

First we will understand the structure of GameSalad & how to use GameSalad like what is actor etc.?

Then we will create our Hero which is a Ship to fight with enemies or hurdles so we will create the Ship & then we will play the techniques to move it.

Then we will implement enemies which will throw bullets.

We will also implement sound & score.

Likewise we will completely understand from scratch that how to build Game.